Automatic Statistics for the event. Last Update : 9/Oct/2017

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Top 10 wave scores
Quarterfinals 18.50 Yuma Nagasawa 9/Oct/2017
Round 1 27.75 Tenshi Iwami 8/Oct/2017
Semifinals 17.50 Tenshi Iwami 9/Oct/2017
Round 2 47.15 Soma Hirahara 8/Oct/2017
Quarterfinals 17.00 Yuma Nagasawa 9/Oct/2017
Round 1 46.90 Kenzo Kato 8/Oct/2017
Semifinals 16.75 Cocona Kawase 9/Oct/2017
Semifinals 16.25 Tenshi Iwami 9/Oct/2017
Quarterfinals 26.25 Fujimaru Hariya 9/Oct/2017
Round 1 36.00 Raiha Onou 8/Oct/2017

Top 10 heat points
Quarterfinals 115.50Yuma Nagasawa 9/Oct/2017
Semifinals 113.75Tenshi Iwami 9/Oct/2017
Round 1 213.25Tenshi Iwami 8/Oct/2017
Round 1 412.90Kenzo Kato 8/Oct/2017
Round 2 412.75Soma Hirahara 8/Oct/2017
Semifinals 111.75Cocona Kawase 9/Oct/2017
Quarterfinals 211.40Tenshi Iwami 9/Oct/2017
Quarterfinals 210.65Fujimaru Hariya 9/Oct/2017
Quarterfinals 310.15Raiha Onou 9/Oct/2017
Semifinals 19.75 Yuma Nagasawa 9/Oct/2017

Wave Statistics
Rangetotal of 111 waves surfed in 10 heats ...
Excellent1 waves
Good12 waves
Regular27 waves
Poor30 waves

Statistics of tabulated waves
Scaletotal of 47 waves used for tabulation ...
Excellent1 waves counted
Good<12 waves counted
Regular18 waves counted
Poor15 waves counted